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LastCheat’s Apex Lite Cheat was made for users who just need that little push or who doesn’t need an aimbot. Lite is built to be much more secure and ultra-lightweight compared to LastCheat’s Apex Pro.


Simple yet so good!

Clean UI, simple, no bans if playing legit correctly, got pred both with full split 1 season 9 and pred split 2 season 9 with lite and some 4K 20s on some characters. Probs best providers in the games

Apex Lite Customer

Cheat Features


  • Windows 10 & 11 Supported
  • AMD/Intel
  • Automated Anti-Cheat Update Tripwire Detection
  • Ultra-Secure & Private
  • Origin/Steam
  • Supports ALL Screen Resolutions
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant & Easy Activation
  • Ultra Performance-Friendly
  • NOT Streamproof


  • Customizable ESP
  • UAV Radar
  • Deathbox & Lootbox ESP - Incl. Insides
  • Smart Item Filter
  • Glow
  • Kill Count ESP
  • Vehicle/Drone ESP
  • Legends Icon ESP
  • Warning System
  • Visible Only



$3.95 / day


$15.95 / week


$39.95 / month


$109.95 / month

Reviews For Apex Lite

+rep apex lite working great good performance and very safe
Apex Lite Customer
+rep for this! Been using pro and honestly it’s the best! Auto loot and the arcstar assist is so fun! 12/10 for support from staff/admins and the community! Also it’s great knowing that the dev listens and puts things in that the community asks for❤️ All in all if you’re not using LC than it’s a big missed opportunity ☺️
Apex Pro Customer
Got to apex pred twice with this just be smart and hit those mastiff 97s!
Apex Lite & Pro Customer
+REP been with them since august and never looking back, one of the best cheesing communities ive been apart of. Garmoth and prod are always very straight forward, help is easy to get never had BSOD either. ive achieved pred with lite and pro😄
Apex Lite & Pro Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a spoofer or a VPN?

For 90% of our users, a spoofer is not necessary as we spoof it directly with our integrated spoofer. A VPN is however RECOMMENDED but not necessary. The main reason being is that if you do somehow get banned manually - you can always claim that you got hacked and have plausible deniability - then hopefully have your account unbanned and recovered.

Do you have anywhere I can check on where to read on what each feature does?

After verification and getting inside our VIP Discord, you will gain access to our #apex-info channel. All information regarding features are compiled there.

I'm having issues with the cheat/purchasing, how do I reach out to you guys?

Contact us on our public discord and DM any of the admins or staff.

Public Discord: Public Discord 

Is there a Discord?

Yes! In-fact it is our main way to communicate with our fellow customers. 
You may join the Public Discord here

Why did I get redirected? Are you guys legit?

No! That's just what we have to do in-order to keep processing payments. Payment processors do not like processing payments for cheat providers so we have to do that. After being redirect to our 'payment processing' website, you'll get access to the cheat. Instructions will follow after you purchase and if you are feeling a bit skeptic, you are free to join our discord and ask our users or pretty much anyone about us!

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